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GMODZ Inc will be temporarily closing down as of August 26th, 2014. Our last day of business will be August 24th. We have been in the modding scene for 11 years and with the new Bill C-11 passed Nov 7th 2012, we have been limited to the types of modification services we can provide. Several other shops and websites closed down but we adjusted our services according to the law and continued to remain open and support our customers. Modding consoles has always been a hobby for us and not a career which has shown in our level of service and support. We will continue to keep the website running with updates and provide email support. If a legal mod becomes available for the upcoming consoles (XBOX One, PS4 and Wii-U) and demand is strong we will return with a storefront location in the future.

For users that have the x360key installed you are able to update the firmware on the modchip on your own but users who are still on the dvd firmware mods we recommend that you take this opportunity to upgrade to the x360key so that in the future your console will still be able to play backups.

We appreciate everyone that has supported us with their business and we hope to come back soon!




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